Diabetic Wounds

Why does hyperbaric oxygen therapy work so well for diabetic patients?

Patients diagnosed with type I or II diabetes know of the many complications the can occur, particularly on wounds of the lower extremities that put them at risk for amputation. The leading cause of non-traumatic amputations of the lower extremities in the United States is a diabetic wound. Almost all the diabetic wounds began as a seemingly small wound of the foot or lower leg that unfortunately did not respond to good wound care which became larger and deeper. For example, a seemingly small blister on a toe for a diabetic can quickly escalate into a life threatening situation without proper wound care. Traditionally hyperbaric treatment was the last resort before amputation of a severe diabetic wound of the lower leg. However, current insurance guidelines have allowed physicians to becomes more aggressive in the early prevention of a severe wound. Treatment can now begin after 30 days if little to no improvement is noted.

According to the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation, “29.1 million people, or 9.3% of the U.S. population, have diabetes, including 8.1 million people who have diabetes but have no yet been diagnosed.”

How Does Hyperbaric Treatment Help?

A large number of diabetic patients have poor circulation in their legs and feet, which hampers the flow of healthy oxygen saturated blood cells to the afflicted areas that require healing. While in the hyperbaric chamber patients sit in a comfortable Lazy-Boy style chair at a simulated depth of 45 feet below sea level. At this pressuriz

ed depth the patient will breathe pure oxygen at an extremely concentrated rate which forces oxygen rich blood cells to the wound. The oxygen rich blood cells then go to work creating a healthy environment inside the patient’s wound that promotes healing.

How often is treatment?

Treatments are conducted Monday through Friday.Each treatment is about two hours long. We are accommodating to our patient’s active schedules by having several start times.

How many treatments do patients need?

The national average for the number of hyperbaric treatments given to diabetics with non-healing wounds is 30. Our dedicated specialist Dr. Paul Buza, closely monitors your progress and tracks any improvement that you may notice.