Sport Injury HBO

Sport Injury
Professional sport players often use HBO therapy to accelerate the healing for certain sport related injuries. Examples include Joe Namath, Michael Phelps and Terrell Owens of the Seattle Seahawks.

It is well-known that ligaments require a long time to heal after a significant strain or tear injury. This is due to the fact that ligaments have a very limited blood supply and it normally takes a long time for the tissue to repair itself. However, by increasing the amount of oxygen through HBO therapy allows the ligament tissue to have more oxygen so that the healing can occur more quickly.

HBO therapy is a safe treatment that greatly increases the amount of oxygen to the patient. Daily treatments for approximately 2 to 4 weeks are typically required depending on the severity of the injury. Each treatment is 90 minutes in duration which is accomplished in a large hyperbaric chamber with comfortable seating. Claustrophobia is rarely a problem given the spaciousness of the chamber.Each sport injury is unique and all cases must be evaluated individually to determine if HBO would be effective.