Why does Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) work for PTSD/TBI and Concussions?

Hyperbaric treatment heals the damaged tissues by promoting healthy growth of new blood vessels and developing new neuropathways around damaged areas. During the 60 minute treatment patients breathe 100% pure oxygen at 17ft below sea level (1.4 ATA) which stimulates cell regeneration. The hyper-oxygenated cells then go to work repairing damage to the brain caused by trauma.

How often is treatment?

Treatments are conducted Monday through Friday. Each treatment is about 60 minutes long. We are accommodating to our patient’s active schedules by having several start times to choose from.

How many treatments do I need?

The international average for the number of hyperbaric treatments given to patients with traumatic brain injury or PTSD is 40-80 treatments. Our dedicated specialist Dr. Paul Buza, closely monitors your progress and tracks any improvement. The quality of the healing due to hyperbaric treatment is profound and long lasting. Our mission is your mission getting you to optimum health to live life to the fullest.

Does insurance pay for treatment?

Currently, Medicare and other commercial insurances do not reimburse HBO treatment for PTSD/TBI or concussion. The VA is beginning to approve studies for HBO treatment due to veteran request and numerous medical studies that show significant improvement after receiving HBO therapy.  HBO treatment is current payed for by the State Legislatures in Arizona, Oklahoma, Texas, Indiana, and Kentucky.

We understand how important this treatment is for those suffering from PTSD/TBI to receive. We offer affordable pricing and payment plans for those who are able to afford treatment. For specific details please call the office (321)676-3200 for pricing.

Brevard Regional Hyperbaric Center also partners many Non-for-Profit foundations who will pay for HBO treatment for Veterans.


Arizona Legislature Approves HBO Treatment Program for Veterans