Bone Infections


What is Osteomyelitis (Chronic Bone Infection)?

Osteomyelitis can simply be described as an infection of the bone. Bone infections can be a long and difficult diagnosis for a patient. Often times bone infections require the treatment of IV antibiotics and surgical intervention.

Why does Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) work?

HBOT treatments are essential to patients who have a history of bone infection that did not heal with the first round of antibiotics. Hyperbaric treatment heals the damaged tissues and bone by promoting healthy growth of new blood vessels. It has been proven that hyperbaric treatment can double the effectiveness of antibiotics while receiving treatment.

 How many treatments do I need?

The national average for the number of hyperbaric treatments given to patients with radiation damage is 30. Our dedicated specialist Dr. Paul Buza, closely monitors your progress and tracks any improvement that you may notice.

How often is treatment?

Treatments are conducted Monday through Friday. Each treatment is about two hours long. We are accommodating to our patient’s active schedules by having several start times to choose from.