The Brevard Regional Hyperbaric Center provides treatment for the following neurological conditions that may benefit from HBO therapy. Each case is unique and requires an assessment by the Medical Director to determine if treatment would be of benefit. If approved, a treatment plan is developed and will require the provision of physical therapy while inside the hyperbaric chamber. The dose and length of treatment is individualized on a case by case basis. All cases are predicated by the fact that the patient is not improving with standard treatment plans and that HBO therapy is adjunctive.

The following conditions have been determined based upon sound medical judgement, literature reviews and anecdotal experience. These conditions are not reimbursed by health insurance companies.

Bell’s Palsy
Radial Nerve Injury (Wrist Drop)
Ulnar Nerve Injury
Carpal Tunnel Injury
Peroneal Nerve Injury (Foot Drop)
Traumatic Nerve Laceration or Crush Injury
Arteriosclerotic Parkinsonism (Acute or Subacute Basal Ganglia Lacunar Infarct)
Sudden Hearing Loss
Pure Motor Lacunar Infarct (stroke) Subacute
Concussion (Closed Head Injury) Subacute
Cluster Cephalgia Refractory